Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Project Natal, Minority Report, and Holodecks

Last year I blogged about computer-human interfaces where I mentioned Emotiv system's neuroheadset which is a headset that allows you to control things just by thinking about them.

Today I saw Peter Miller's post on Project Natal as a possible controller for Second Life, which inspired me to write my own post.

Microsoft revealed Project Natal at E3 2009. It is a new interface which will enable users to control and interact with the Xbox 360 without the need to touch a game controller; through gestures, and spoken commands. Being introduced by Steven Spielberg I immediately thought of how a device such as this could be used to create a minority report type interface (he directed the movie - based on a short story by Philip K. Dick).

Johnny Chung Lee, now a researcher at microsoft, known for his work with Wii controllers, said in his recent blog post "We would all love to one day have our own personal holodeck. This is a pretty measurable step in that direction."

I thought more than that. If you combine Project Natal with Emotiv's neuroheadset you could create an amazing interface - full body motion plus thought control - really post-human type interaction. The only thing missing would be sensory feedback.